XCL stood out at World Tour 2024, presenting its Salesforce services and expertise to event participants. As a leader in Salesforce services, XCL demonstrated not only the platform’s functionalities, but also how it is possible to maximize investment in Salesforce across various industries, with a special focus on the financial sector. 

The event, held on May 15th at Expo Transamerica, saw the active participation of XCL in several activities and interactive sessions. At the Stand, XCL offered detailed demonstrations of Financial Service Cloud, showing how this solution can optimize the management of financial services and improve the operational efficiency of institutions. These sessions highlighted the platform’s ability to adapt to the specific needs of the financial sector, as well as highlighting the importance of a team that knows its customer and their needs.


One of the most impactful moments was the content session by Managing Partner André Ricardo, entitled “How XCL supports the digital transformation of financial institutions through Salesforce”. André Ricardo shared success stories and effective strategies, illustrating XCL’s crucial role in modernizing and increasing the operational efficiency of financial institutions. He also highlighted the applicability of XCL’s services to several other industries, demonstrating the versatility of the Salesforce platform and XCL’s team of experts.

World Tour 2024 also marked the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into Salesforce, highlighting how several functionalities were augmented with AI to further drive operational efficiency and personalize customer experiences. This gave attendees a glimpse into the future of Salesforce and its adaptation to emerging technologies. 

In addition to content sessions and demonstrations, the event explored relevant topics, such as the latest trends in digital innovation, best practices for implementing Salesforce and the use of technology to face contemporary challenges. XCL was present, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and continuous innovation. 

XCL’s participation in the 2024 World Tour was widely praised by participants, who highlighted the quality of the presentations and the relevance of the information shared. Furthermore, the staff present had the chance to be in contact with the different topics covered to generate insights and apply them to our client’s projects.